Half-Life: Resonance

Monday November 4, 2002:

Had two visitors to the Hazard Course this morning, which makes this a real red letter day I can tell ya.

I was just sipping my second cup of coffee when a pair of scientists came into the room. I recognised one one them, a Russian. His name was Ivan Olegivich, but all the guards called him ‘The Space Biker,’ because … well, he wasn’t your typical scrawny poindexter, put it that way. More of a Hell’s Angel. He was huge like a big bear, with a big bushy beard and and flattop haircut, wearing one of the older HEV models. A mk III.

The other guy was my friend from the other day, the Tom Green lookalike.

“Hello,” said the Space Biker. “Just showing the new one around.”

“Yeah yeah” I said, waving them away. I wasn’t in the mood for meet-and-greets.

The two of them chatted for a while, Ivan showing the new guy the ins-and-outs of the course. I left them to it: I was racking up a helluva score on Minesweeper.

Eventually they finished up, but before they departed, the newbie came up to me with his hand outstretched, as if to introduce himself. I just grunted noncommittally at him, and he backed off. I’m not planning on making friends with the lab boys anytime soon. They have my world, I have mine, and never the twain shall meet.

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Callum Henderson is a carbon-based life form who graduated with a degree in Journalism and Creative Writing from the University of Strathclyde in 2016.

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