Half-Life: Resonance

Thursday December 12, 2002:

I am in love.

I was chowing on my first donut of the day, my mouth covered in sprinkles and frosting, when that hologram chick showed up in the Hazard Course in the flesh … or rather, in the Hazard Suit.

How does that woman make armour-plating look so good? For a moment, I couldn’t believe she was actually three-dimensional.

“Uh, howdy ma’am,” I stuttered, “What can I do ya for?”

“Oh hello,” she said, frowning at the box of pastries I was working through, “I was wondering I could do a quick run of the course. It’s been a while since I practised.”

“Sure! Yeah!” I babbled, getting outta my seat. “I just need your name on this here form.”

She took a pen and clipboard from me and signed it: Dr Gina Cross. Now I know her name. Step two is getting her number.

My jaw hit the floor when she hit the course. She finished in 20 minutes and ten seconds without even breaking a sweat. She must be in really good shape.

“Huh, I must be getting rusty,” she shrugged when I recorded her time. “Catch you later.”

I didn’t have time to say another word before she was gone… Jesus, I can’t believe I said ‘howdy.’ So stupid.

Published by itshendo

Callum Henderson is a carbon-based life form who graduated with a degree in Journalism and Creative Writing from the University of Strathclyde in 2016.

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