Half-Life: Resonance

Friday January 3, 2003:

She said yes! I called her up last night, and she was just as sweet as I remember. We arranged to meet tomorrow afternoon at this coffee shop with a funny name: C8H10N4O2. Hardly rolls off the tongue, but at least; there’s no chance of me mistaking it for a Starbucks.

Only question is, what should I wear? Should I go smart, casual, or smart/casual? What do guys in England wear on dates? Top hat and tails?

I asked Gordon for his advice, and all he said was: ‘just be yourself.’ Yeah, like I’m going to show up wearing kevlar. Thanks a bunch Freeman.

Published by itshendo

Callum Henderson is a carbon-based life form who graduated with a degree in Journalism and Creative Writing from the University of Strathclyde in 2016.

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