Half-Life: Resonance

Saturday March 8, 2003:

Me and Lauren had another date: we went to see a Spielberg double-bill at the Black Mesa drive-through. They were showing Close Encounters of the Third Kind and ET back-to-back. Close Encounters is one of my favourite movies, but I’ve never seen ET before.

I did hope that maybe Close Encounters would open Lauren’s mind a bit, and make her see that believing in UFOs doesn’t make you some kinda nut. But we ended up necking for most of it. Figures.

ET was pretty good, although Lauren said that I was jealous of the little kid, getting to be buddies with an alien. Maybe I was, but I definitely did not cry at end, no matter what she says.

I really like her. I stayed over at her dorm last night. This morning she gave me a Polaroid of herself to remember her by. Think I’ll put in in my locker. I act tough, but I’m a sentimentalist at heart.

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Callum Henderson is a carbon-based life form who graduated with a degree in Journalism and Creative Writing from the University of Strathclyde in 2016.

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